ironman-medalWelcome to my blog!

The reason for these witterings? Mainly to follow/laugh at/commiserate with me as I work towards completing a full IronMan in 2017.

I’m a lass who tries to label herself as a triathlete, despite ever-present anxieties and depression – and many years of eating disorders…

…hence the blog’s name! I do try hard as I’m quite tenacious – most of the time. But the chronic depression and anxiety pop up frequently to wallop me on my bonce and, consequently, my life’s disrupted equally as often. I’ve had an on/off relationship with exercise throughout my years but, as I’ve headed into middle-age, sport has become a large part of my life. It’s not always a healthy relationship though!

I’ve been an endurance swimmer for many years, and a triathlete for around ten years. I have an annoying habit of signing up to events when I’m very low, to set something to work towards…it seems to work, weirdly!

I thought my half-IronMan in 2015 was it, yep – no more daftness and mad events. But…here I am again, having had a pretty difficult 12 months, and therefore – well, of course! – having signed up for a full IronMan in 2017. Hmmm. And all whilst trying to cope with my depressions and social anxieties…


The ideas behind my blog were twofold: if I tell everyone that I’m doing this full IronMan, then I have to do it! And, secondly, if my experiences can encourage others, or if I can give anyone else a sense of not being so isolated in their feelings – well then, I’ll be a happy bunny.

So, please do follow – and share – my experiences as I attempt to work my way towards completing 140.7 miles of physical and mental pain and joy!