A feeble thank you!

A feeble thank you!

I’m writing two posts in one day – good grief! I just wanted to balance out today’s other post and say thank you for all the lovely comments I’ve had since making this blog ‘live’.

I’m not so good at this self-promotion stuff, and haven’t dared to look at my site’s statistics etc…isn’t it silly? I’ve kept my head in the sand about the blog, as I feel oddly ashamed by it all, as if it’s all daft and vain…

…so I’m honoured to read some comments that I’ve received. Honestly, that people have taken the time to read my stuff and make comments is almost overwhelming. I really would rather that none of us had issues around mental health:  I’d much rather that there be no one to make comments, if you see what I mean. I hate the thought of others having similar feelings as the ones I experience, and yet it’s also really comforting. People have been kind enough to use the word ‘inspirational’ – and my reaction has been an unexpected one: gosh, yes I’m chuffed to pieces to hear from people, but I also feel inspired by your comments, by the fact that you’ve had the energy and motivation to contact me and be open too. If I can be of any help, however miniscule that help may be, then this will all be worth it.

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